The Big “Bend” Theory



BendTechJPEG My family and I have been traveling to Bend, Oregon many years now for summer vacation.

Typically, we pull our Airstream from the San Francisco Bay Area in a 10 hour drive up I5 through central California, past 14,180 ft Mount Shasta and the town of Weed, onto highway 97 to one of the many beautiful parks that surround the Bend area. We then spend a couple weeks using our campsite as a jump off point for mountain and road biking, fly fishing, and hiking.

While we haven’t yet been there during the winter, Mt. Bachelor is a popular ski destination where locals can leave early from work and be on the slopes in less than an hour. The town of Bend is classified as “high desert” and in the rain shadow of the Cascade range. So, unlike the rest of Oregon, it doesn’t get  much rain — just 11.2 inches — and snowfall averages only 2 feet per year. In fact, they claim 300 days of sunshine each year, as well.

Here is the article as it appeared on Pando Daily on Saturday, November 16, 2013.