The Rise of SaaS and Departmental Applications

Market Overview

The enterprise software market, which includes a diverse set of software for different functions such as: HR, Sales, Marketing, Finance and IT is a mature market (with a range of 2% – 10% compound annual growth rate). This market is dominated by just a few global brands such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP. IT budget constraints and software complexity make it difficult enough for companies to support and maintain their current enterprise software let alone allow new vendors to enter the mix. As a result, IT organizations have created extensive policies to block new entrants, making it extraordinarily difficult for recent independent software vendors (ISVs) to break into the enterprise market. This, coupled with the high go-to-market cost structure of an enterprise software company has made the enterprise software market a relatively uninteresting investment area and caused innovation to stagnate in this field over the past decade. However, all of this may be poised to change due to Software as a Service (SaaS).

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