Please….For Crying Out Loud…Stop the Rants!

With the upcoming election, I feel as though I am being pummeled with rants from both the left and right via traditional and now social media. Four years ago, there were a lot fewer FB users and a lot less of the ranting.  Now, it has gotten so bad, I wrote the following and posted it on my FB feed:

To my FB Friends:

With the upcoming election, I realize many here feel compelled to state their POV from either side of the political spectrum. I have read many of these posts over the past several months.

Just realize, that some – many? – of the people who you are sharing your POV with, may not agree with you. In fact, some may be vehemently opposed to your opinions — and no, they aren’t idiots for having an opposing POV. As a result, these comments can come across as personally insensitive, offensive, etc. – because at the root level, you are attacking someone’s – supposedly your friend’s – core beliefs/values.

No matter what any of us say here or which articles we share to support our POV, we are not going to convince someone to switch parties, change our beliefs, etc. I try to be respectful of other people’s opinions – even if I don’t always agree with them. Sometimes I fail – and my kids are always quick to point out when I do. But, I have always tried to live by the following: I don’t expect others to believe what I believe in and I don’t ask others to pay for or support what I believe in.

This philosophy has tended to work out pretty well.

No matter which way the election turns out, hopefully, this approach will allow us to remain FB friends.

I don’t know if you, too, are growing weary of the missives being thrown from both sides but based upon the informal feedback I’m getting a lot of FB users are hiding a lot of their supposed friends – at least during the election run up – just to rate limit the rants.

I will probably join them if it continues. Sheesh.

End of rant.

  • Wlea

    Agreed.  Political rhetoric amplified by social media frenzy, is nothing short of maddening and yes a distraction too.

  • MNiedenthal

    Well put and agreed!  Differing opinions and the ability to express them are part of the beauty of the freedom we have in this country, however, the delivery of some of these beliefs that I have seen over the past few months are often rude at best.