Articles by and about Bruce Cleveland

By Bruce Cleveland:

“The Death of Enterprise Software”

Published by: Business Strategy for Software Executives

Date: May 19, 2009

Summary: “Enterprise startups are becoming an endangered species. Here’s why we should care and how a reinvented “spin-in” model can reinvigorate innovation in the software industry.”


“Double down? Spin in? New questions for a new economy”

Published by: VentureBeat | News About Tech, Money and Innovation

Date: Nov 17, 2008

Summary: “Silicon Valley venture capitalist Bruce Cleveland offers his take on what firms are looking for, even though it might be too much to ask — including some thoughts on spin-in startups and how they could help get things moving.”

Bruce in Related Writing:

InterWest Partners: Investing in Enterprise SaaS

Published by: ReadWriteEnterprise

Date: July 17, 2009

By: Bernard Lunn

Summary: “We recently spoke with Bruce Cleveland at InterWest Partners. Bruce has been part of InterWest’s IT team since 2006, focusing on investments in the software and services sector, with an emphasis on software as a service (SaaS) and analytical applications. He is a board member of Cloud9 Analytics, Marketo, Right90, and Signal Demand. Prior to joining InterWest, Bruce was one of the original members of the Siebel executive team. So, he knows enterprise software. Having just returned from the Enterprise 2.0 conference, we wanted to get the investor’s view of this market…”


“Loopfuse Gets Series A Funding from True Ventures”

Published by: ReadWriteEnterprise

Date: Feb 15, 2009

By: Bernard Lunn

Summary: “True Ventures got our attention by closing a Series A deal in the dark days just after the financial meltdown, funding Syncplicity. It has just announced that it is funding LoopFuse, a late entrant to the very crowded marketing automation space…”


“Marketing Costs for SaaS Companies”

Published by: Cloud Ave

Date: Feb 25, 2009

By: Ben Kepes

Summary: “A few weeks ago I posted comparing two start up strategies for SaaS businesses; one being the slow, organic growth and bootstrapped route, the other being the well funded route…”


“Do Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors Who Use Twitter Invest More in Startups?”

Published by: Chubby Brain

Date: June 17, 2009

By: Chubby Research Team

Summary: “Being the technology-savvy group that they are, it is not surprising to find that many venture capitalists and angel investors are on Twitter. In fact, many of them are quite active and have attracted fairly large followings putting them in the upper echelons of Twitter users…”


“Software “Spin Ins””

Published by: Deal Architect

Date: May 20, 2009

By: Vinnie Mirchandani

Summary: “Bruce Cleveland, ex Siebel and now a VC, knows enterprise software as well as anyone. He writes at about themes I harp about all the time – lock-in of the MISO vendors, lack of funding for enterprise software startups, innovation stagnation…”


“Why Do So Many Big Companies Suck At Innovation?”

Published by: SmoothSpan Blog

Date: May 15, 2009

By: Bob Warfield

Summary: “The right answer in business is so often to create a process that can effectively manage a decentralized and empowering paradigm. Don’t confuse this with anarchy or writing blank checks to people to work on whatever they want. Innovation needs a clear cut strategy and business process just like every other important business problem.”


“How far will Workday go with its $75 million?”

Published by: ZDNet: Where Technology Means Business

Date: April 29, 2009

By: Phil Wainewright

Summary: “For any business software start-up to raise a $75 million funding round would be good news in any economic environment. But in today’s challenging times – when people are even questioning the sustainability of the VC model itself – Workday’s latest funding round (Techmeme coverage) is especially remarkable. It’s certainly a boost to morale and credibility for anyone working in the SaaS sector…”